How can i get ClassID from script's uuid

Hello every one,

I see in .fire file use type to define which script is binding, it seems similar to uuid of the script. My script’s meta was changed, and my scene cannot find the script look like this:

Class “0cc32i63/FOKqjHHCorOp6i” used by component “39cbfPrsIVCgJ2jcMPbDwi3” in scene “” is missing or invalid. Detailed information:

Node path: “GameUIController”
Asset url: “db://assets/Scene/”
Script UUID: “39cbf3eb-b085-4280-9da3-70c3db0f08b7”
Class ID: “39cbfPrsIVCgJ2jcMPbDwi3”

So how can I convert uuid to ClassID to replace in .fire file?