How can I download remote texture in my game

How can I download remote texture in my game


How can I download remote texture, includes image and plist file and use it as normal resource in my game


@slackmoehrle @nite is it possible with Cocos Creator 1.9, I read through the API document but haven’t found anything



thanks for your reference, what I want to archive is download a sprite atlas from remote server to reduce binary file size

cc.loader.load(‘a.png||a.plist’, function (err, tex) {
cc.log('Result should be a texture: ’ + new cc.SpriteAtlas(tex)));

I think the code might look like that but it returns the raw text contained within the plist file instead of expected sprite atlas


Yeah sorry man, not sure how to achieve that.
Also as far as i know plist is raw text only, by which the png is sliced in cocos.


@jare can this be done in 1.9?


Sorry, Creator support raw texture only right now. plist will be supported at 2.x.


Hi @jare ,

Cocos Creator is already is 2.1, does it now support remote atlas?


Not support now…


Is there any alternative way to load atlas remotely?


You can load the atlas file simply with XMLHttpRequest.It works for me