How Can I down load latest code ide on windows machine?

How Can I down load latest code ide on windows machine?

Hi I downloaded cocos2d 3.8 but can not add it to cocos code ide > window>preferences> cocos frameworks.
I get an error. how can i use cocos3.8?

I think we need more info.

What errors are you getting?

How did you download v3.8?

I am sorry its 3.8.1

I have cocos code ide 1.2.0 I want to use v3.8.1 now it says this engine is not complete


Cocos Code IDE 1.2.0 only support engine mode with version up to v3.6.1.

As v3.7, the folders structure changed and you can use it with Cocos Code IDE v2.0.0 beta or create project with cocos console.

You can try read this post

from where can I download Cocos Code IDE v2.0.0 beta for windows? i didn’t find any link for it. can you please provide its link?


You have to download Cocos for Windows v2.3.2 at

Install and open it.

Then you can download everything in the Cocos Store such as Cocos framework and Cocos Code IDE.

But for your info, Cocos Code IDE has been stop developed by Cocos Team as they plan to merge the editor function into Cocos Studio.

So what do you guys recommend for a cocos beginner? I am just starting to learn cocos and got little bit confused with the download section since there was no Cocos Code IDE available for download nor was it available in the store, but the tutorial on the site for debugging js (for ex.) start with using cocos code IDE etc…

I’ve managed to find an old download link for 1.2v but since i’ve read on the forums that support is dropped and there are plans for merging the functionalities in Cocos Studio, should i simple ignore the existence of Cocos IDE and use the tools at hand and search for alternatives when it comes to debugging etc…


Yup pretty much.

I started with Cocos2d (JavaScript) a few months ago and I had the same question you have now. I basically just went with my preferred text editor (Brackets, Sublime Text, etc) and use the command line (terminal on Mac) to create a new project and compile/run it.