Hot update, how to include android .java files?

i have a project where i will be updating the android files as i progress and i want to know how to include the .java files in the hot update process. i looked at the unzipped files of my apk and saw that the .java files are stored as .smali files in a folder called smali. also, e.g. for AppActivity, there were multiple .smali files with similar names. i don’t know if i need all these files and also don’t know how to update them using hot update.
can someone please help?

AFAIK, you don’t. And, even if you could, the stores will not accept it for security issues.

The actual app for Cocos projects is a V8 virtual machine with Cocos libraries. Your code (JS/TS ones) are actually an asset, that the V8 will run it. You can update an asset, but not the source code, unless you update a new APK.