Hot Update for Facebook Instant Games

Hot Update for Facebook Instant Games
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I am currently reading about hot update here

My question is, can hot update be used as a solution to have a small Facebook instant game build?
For example, say I host a slim build (only main menu scene) in Facebook, then before players enter a stage, they will download an update that hosted elsewhere for that specific stage. This way, the game will have a fast startup without loading the asset for every stage.

Am I wrong? or is there any practical problem with this?


In HotUpdate.js from the provided example, there are these lines:


Does it mean that the hot update feature in cocos creator is inapplicable in Facebook instant games?


I think that means it’s not available for FB Instant Games.

But, loading from resources folder might actually behave in a very similar way (only downloading when requested). You also avoid security issues downloading from multiple domains/servers, since all files will be hosted by FB.

I don’t know for sure that’s the case, but it’s my hunch. I haven’t actually done direct testing of the behavior.

Maybe a dev can give us more details?


Thanks for your response.

Yeah, I’ve tried it, neither hot update nor load from outside url works on Facebook instant game.

Are you sure about resources folder only downloaded when requested though?
Missed your bolded statement.