Hold clicks, Animation

  1. when i double click the button and hold the click the player keep moving but without the animation
  2. when i hold the button when i;m in the air and collide with the wall, the gravity doesnt’ work

I can ask engineering to have a look.

Do you know the reason why the animation does not play?
How did you achieve the falling character effect? Is it just position? Or did you borrow from the physics engine?

can you give me some solutions ??
i don’t know why the animation does not play , when the velocity.y < 0,05 i active the animation falling

why i have this bug ?? i don;t have any idea about it

Hi, we haven’t encountered your situation yet, would you be willing to provide me with a demo that reproduces the problem? It would make the problem faster to be solved.

it got you a video, if you want to take a look my project,

Hi, I double-checked your project, the problem of abnormal animation playback is caused by your improper timing of setAnimation, please double-check your code again.I’ve checked and it’s not an engine bug.

Can you detail me pls like capture my error code and tell me how to fix it ??

You can try to debug the execution of the function SetAnimation, and then focus on the timing of the execution of the two animations “jump_middle”, “idle”, you will find that they will be executed in strange places.

Did you check the double click and then hold click the aniamtion doesnt work???

Yes, I have tested and reproduced your problem as well. I solved the problem by removing the timer. Because the timer was causing the timing of the playAnimation to be messed up.

thank you, i solved the problems

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