Highp precision bad support

Highp precision bad support


We are facing issue with Cocos Creator 2.1.
Large portion of our playerbase can’t run the game and having this issue:
Failed to compile fs 0 (In 2):highprecision is not supported in fragment shader.

This can be fixed in:
File: cocos2d/core/renderer/render-engine.js
Code line: this._precision = “precision highp float;\n”;
Changing this from “highp” to “mediump” fixes the problem.

The question is: Can we have a support for this to be changeable in runtime for those players which doesn’t support highp precision?


Hello:grinning:, what type of game are you, android_app? Ios_app?web?windows? Whether creating a brand new project will have the same problem.


@zzf520 web project, we checked on the new project. This error happens on some mobile phones and tablets.




It seems a WebGL compatibility issues,change to “mediump” may case draw jitter.
You can do more test, maybe it would not happen on you project.


The problem is clear to us, but can you guys make compatibility better?
I think there should be an option to make precision changeable at runtime, it’s better this way, than the other when people can’t enter the game.


Is this issue being looked at?
Adding mediump support in engine would be great