Hi guys I have some questions regarding this game engine

Hi guys, I am new to cocos and the game engine does seem interesting but I have a few questions regarding this game engine:

  1. Is this game engine modular, does it have something like ECS or something?
  2. Does the C++ code get statically linked or dynamically linked (like what Godot does)?
  3. Is the Cocos Creator tool free and open source?
  4. Am I able to disclose my game using any license I want?
  5. Is there a lot of boilerplate code with C++ code for Cocos
  6. Am I able to have whatever splash screen I want for my game?

@unix21311 can you clarify which product you are asking about. The post is tagged Cocos Creator but the ask about c++ makes me also wonder if you are asking about cocos2d-x?

Sorry mate like I have multiple questions in regards to the game engine.

Me asking about C++ is in regards to the underlying engine for both 2D and 3D

In regards to the other question that talks about Cocos Creator if it is open source or not?

The engine is written in c++, but in terms of programing language developers can use either TypeScript or JavaScript.

Creator is mostly open-source but the Editor itself is not.

Let me have engineering also take a look at your questions.

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The native engine rendering is written in C++ code. Creator engine is free and open source in :https://github.com/cocos-creator/engine. You can see user manual in :https://docs.cocos.com/creator/3.3/manual/en/, you will find how to change splash screen.

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