Help with appleTV target

Help with appleTV target

I’m not very experienced with cocos2dx, but I like it a lot.
Can someone let me know how can I create a target of my project to run on AppleTV?
When creating the target I can only choose between objective-C and Swift. Shouldn’t C++ be available?
Which cocos 2dx libraries should I include?
Where can I learn about this? I can’t seem to find relevant information anywhere.


There are some examples here on these forums.

Thanks @slackmoehrle. I’ve noticed that there are some GitHub projects with trial tests but most of them are for old cocos2dx versions.
Is there some kind of technical documentation, official guide or informal tutorial on how to do it yourself?
Many thanks

We only tried AppleTV as an experiment, we never kept up on it. I’m not sure I have the required time to try 3.17.2. I’ll try to find some time this weekend.

Thanks @slackmoehrle.
From a strategic point of view, I do think it is a very good idea to include AppleTV. According to a recent Morgan Stanley report, Apple TV sales will keep increasing considerably due to the new AppleTV+ service.
From a developer point of view it makes sense to tap at that market.
I’ll be looking forward to ear from you.

Another good reason is I think supporting Apple TV is required if you want to try and get your game picked up by Apple Arcade.

Hi @slackmoehrle,
No pressure… but did u made any progresses?

I’m sorry, I haven’t looked at this yet, but it is on my list of tasks.