Help us with Android project setup

Help us with Android project setup


Ok, good ideas.


Guys, do I understand it correctly that it doesn’t work and instead of fixing that we just write docs?


As far as i understand it right, they want to write into the docs, that Instant Run can cause undefined issues and because of that, it should be deactivated. This can’t be fixed from the cocos team.

The main issue “errors while creating a new project with cocos command line” is fixed.

Do I miss something else?


This is what I understood.

@zhangxm where would you like this documented?


Starting from today there is CI appveyor Windows build for android:

To download latest build of cocos2d-x CppTests-debug.apk (i.e. for testing) you can use below permanent link:

Below link to all builds:

Currently only for latest build has build artifacts (apk files)


thank you for explanation


In cpp-test I pressed “Start AutoTest” and it hung on below test. Is it ok?


How about mention it here:

No, it should be an issue, may be some task breaks it.


Ok. That’s a good place