Help test our new website (please...)

Help test our new website (please...)

Thank you this is clear.

“30% Global Market Share”
How did you get 30% ? Are there any data available how many games were released with cocos2dx engine compare to others?

@walzer Thanks for the clarification! Silly me didn’t even think of Nintendo Mobile games since they started that!

I wrote a python script to analyze the top 100 iOS & Android games ranked by AppAnnie, and got the result.

Cocos is more popular in Asia than in western countries, so you can’t feel the marketshare especially in Europe and US. But as you may know there are many Chinese and Japanese top titles using cocos. And due to the large population in Asian countries, these mobile games are making lots of money, most of them have high ranks in global chart. Even me, I can’t play many top cocos games because they only have Japanese language :frowning:


This image shows the most popular countries using Cocos Creator in 2019 March. You can see that beside US, all the 9 areas are very close to GMT+8, while we only have HQ/subsidiaries in China & US. I believe it’s due to the timezone. Asian developers / game studios can always get the tech support rapidly in their working hours, but US and European developers usually need to wait until the engine team wakeup in GMT+8, then get the answer in their next day.

We are days away from launching the new Cocos website. I hope everyone is as excited as I am.


Can your script tell what flavor of cocos they are developing their games in? C++, Javascript, Lua? That could help you decide what direction to focus v4 on.

I hope so, but actually it’s very hard to do so.

There are many fragments of cocos2d-x, including cocos2d-x c++/lua/js, quick-x, cocos2d-html5, cocos2d-js, Cocos Builder, Cocos Studio and now Cocos Creator. Cocos2d-js used to be standalone but merged into cocos2d-x later. We made so many mistakes in the history when I only focused on the code instead of the product. There are many small pieces of data, I feel very hard to merge them all together, and have a total view.

We switched to using Public Sans as the font. Let me know how it works for everyone.