Help! Failed login

Help! Failed login

Hi, today a cannot login to cocos creator… user and pass are correct… somebody have same trouble?




I having same issue here.

We are on it.

Where are you all located?

Now I have reinstall cocos (removed on root .CocosCreator, on OSX, hidden directory) reset the password (with same password) and now works… :confused:

Hmm, I’m sorry about this. Our Systems group is looking to see if there is an issue. I don’t seem to have one on my end, but it seems a few others may share your experience.

Edit. It seems logins are slow on our end and may take some time to actually complete. Please continue to try to login if you are experiencing this issue. Contact me if you need assistance. Posting here is fine.

OK, we rolled out a fix today to fix the slow logins. We apologize to those that experienced any issue. Please reply to this topic if you still need assistance.

Yeah, thanks for support!! :star_struck:

@C_Stefano - I apologize that you had to delete Creator and re-install. Definitely something you should not have had to do. Thank you for posting about this and in the future, you are welcome to tag me in posts to grab my attention faster. I do look at notifications first. I’ll admit it.

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/Users/admin/Applications/ --nologin
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Thanks @yinjimmy This is always an option. An often overlooked, myself included, option.

Good afternoon, the error continues today I try to connect from Colombia

This is a different error I think than before. Let me run it by the systems group. Thanks for posting this.

@pacear10 can you ping this url ok?


And post output please. Our systems group is interested in the results.

Good morning @slackmoehrle, attached image

Thank you. I will get this over to the systems group.

Ok another fix is in place.

Successful login, thanks

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