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Take a look please at the HeightMap ClipMaps implementation.

It helps you to create LandScape level straight into the Blender 2.8 (or later) and load it to the cocos2d or adxe engine from the c3b file.
There can be found an example with created HeightMap, one house (it is showed how to position game objects in the Blender editor, and load them in the game) and player.
HeightMap support’s the followinf features:

  • Infinity land;
  • NormalMap;
  • Multilayers (up to 4 diffuse textures and normal map textures on layer);
  • Texture LOD’s (Each HeightMap LOD renderes the textures with its own size. There is mechanic to smooth passing from LOD to LOD for textures.)
  • Any number of LOD’s;
  • Exists base grass implementation;
  • All loaded datas about heights will be stored to the HeightChunks to save memory;
  • You can load any number of ‘c3b’ files with the Land representation. It is all affect’s only operating memory. The number of rendered verticies is related only from the LOD’s size and LOD’s count.
  • Property file to adjust HeigthMap (res/hm/prop);
  • Distant Fog.
  • Get height of the land according to the (X, Z) world coords;
  • Touch Ray cast of the first LOD;

(Threre is some issue with quality)

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Update: LOD’s change each other almost invisible.
Look ‘smooth_lod_passing’ branch.

Update: Added shadow support for the objects on the HeightMap.

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Update: Added self-shadowing for the HeightMap;
(You need to create your customize shader, which will take depth textures for your own objects to do them shadowed).

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Update: Grass;

  • There are no more limits on the grass patch count
  • You can add various number of the grass patch samples to the grass texture
  • The corresponding grass texture should be defined for the certain Layer texture

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