Hazelnut - Android Game

Hazelnut - Android Game

Hey :),

I finally released my first simple Android game with cocos2d-x (entirely in C++) , it is based on a game that I have enjoyed playing in my childhood.
Feel download,rate,share, review it :smile:
Your feedback would be particularly appreciated.

Hazelnut - Android Game

like our facebook website too :smiley:

Version 1.1 coming soon!

Thank you for your support!

Updated our game version 1.1 :smile:

Known Bugs: Collision Problem on higher levels & Font

Hazelnut - Game Android

Hey guys!,
Our version 1.1 has a bug, but it is fixed now,
We realeased v1.1.1 now!

Please help use, download the game, play it and rate it.

Hey again!

We’ve released v1.1.2.
Please help us and rate the game :wink:
Your feedback would be particularly appreciated.

Android Game Hazelnut - Link

Just came across this old post lol.
I’ve actually published parts of the code at github years ago and forgot to put it on here.

tough be carefull, this was the first cocos or general solo projects for me and my brother, we simply played around and never touched the project again back in 2k15 :stuck_out_tongue:
At this time I just started getting work experience when I wrote the whole code therefore probably not good at all :slight_smile: still could be usefull or interesting.

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Congrats on having released your game. Thank you for using our engine.