Has anyone built a precompiled header for Android?

Has anyone built a precompiled header for Android?
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I’m using the support for precompiled headers in iOS/Mac/Win32/WP8 builds and was wondering if anyone has implemented them with the NDK toolchain? Also, any plans to support this in the default template?

Edit: I’m going to look into this answer on SO, but still interested if others have successfully done it already.



Any progres?
I found that http://stackoverflow.com/a/13623864/4514853
It seems that with NDK 13b it works. Below created for me precompiled header, but I have error on usage precompiled header inside my code.

 PCH_FILE := symroot/src/Prefix.h



Hmm, yeah I’m not sure I can offer any help on that one. I may take a stab at it again in the future, but no plans at this time.

Personally it just seems pre-compiled headers on Android are still more annoying than they’re worth. I should probably do some scientific profiling and testing (instead of just anecdotal), but we’ve moved to using pre-built as a means of build time improvements on Android. We do still use both (pre-built + pre-compiled headers) with our XCode (iOS/Mac) and Win projects because both make setting up and using them relatively painless.

Sorry I’m no help.

If you have a more specific log/error maybe I could take a stab at it.


I configured precompiled headers for Visual Studio.
Here is PR https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/pull/18662
For cocos2d speed up is 12x!

Please help with Mac and Android.
I don’t have Mac and failed to configure pch for Android.


Hi I’m interested in this too. Anyone gotten it working?