Handle Appodeal fails on offline mode

Handle Appodeal fails on offline mode
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I’m using SDKBox appodeal plugin and have been testing the events to catch and handle failures.

If I start the app with Internet connection, when I switch to offline and call the method showAd, nothing happens. No callbacks at all.
Even if I check isReadyForShowWithStyle, it always returns true.

on the documentation it says
“IMPORTANT: SDK can’t show ads in offline mode! You will get callback failToPresent if you call showAd without internet connection”

however there is no such event

there is onRewardVideoDidFailToLoadAd, onInterstitialDidFailToLoadAd, onSkippableVideoDidFailToLoadAd, onNonSkippableVideoDidFailToLoadAd

but none of them is called when there is no internet connection.

is SDKBOX outdated?
How can I show an Ad and make sure something notifies me of the failure?


Which version of SDKBOX are you using?

@htlxyz can you take a look?

  1. now sdkbox appodeal live with appodeal sdk 2.1.7, this is the lastest version.
  2. we will try to repoduce your issue.


we checked our sourcode, isReadyForShowWithStyle always return true when offline, i think need appdoeal sdk fix this issue.


true, but SDKBOX implementation is also missing the events nonSkippableVideoDidFailToPresent and rewardedVideoDidFailToPresent.

  • (void)nonSkippableVideoDidFailToPresent; //non skippable video was loaded but failed to present (may be caused by inner error in ad networks, placement settings or invalid creative)

so, it’s not enough to check isReadyForShowWithStyle.
Is it possible to have these events on SDKBOX?


thanks, we will check this.


any ETA? this is really delaying the new version publish of my game

and isReadyForShowWithStyle doesn’t always return true when offline. it returns true when the video is loaded and cache and ready to be presented. if the video is not loaded it returns false.

  1. nonSkippableVideoDidFailToPresent event, we will fix it in next release.
  2. isReadyForShowWithStyle always return true when offline, this is a bug of appodeal sdk.


do you know when it will be released?


maybe one or two week.

if you need to test, you can use staging version.

sdkbox import appodeal --staging