[GUIDE] How to install sdkbox installer to work

[GUIDE] How to install sdkbox installer to work


Hello Guys,

I see a lot of posts where developers are still confused about getting SDKBOX to work.
This post will help you to get into our amazing product and lessen your sdk fatigue.

You can download the SDKBOX installer here

Manual Steps :

Open the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Find this -

Download the first link saying Auto Installer.

sdkbox_installer.zip file will be downloaded.

Auto Installer Script : (Other way of getting sdkbox)

python -c "import urllib; s = urllib.urlopen('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sdkbox-doc/en/master/install/install.py').read(); exec s"

[ NOTE: This script is cross-platform and will work fine in Mac OS, Windows and Linux as well. ]

Implementation Steps for adding sdkbox to your terminal / command prompt :


Unzip the file and copy it’s content to your usr/local/bin and restart your terminal.
so that sdkbox would be available to your terminal.

Windows Users - [RECOMMENDED]

If you want to keep it updated all time with latest release, unzip at any location and set the directory path as environment variable, so that sdkbox would be available to your cmd.

Project Specific

If you just want it for the project only.
you can unzip the contents of the auto-installer into your project root folder.

Update :

If you have an older version of SDKBOX,
Please download the latest update to ensure greater support.
You can do so by running the following command - sdkbox update

Implementing Plugins :

To get a detailed guide for implementing plugins from SDKBOX, please visit the link below -




I installed it successfully, but when i use it “sdkbox import iap”, it report error. How can I resolved it.(xxxxx is my project folder)
-------------logs is as below:

$ sdkbox -v import iap

|______ | \ |____/ |] | | _/
| |/ | _ |
] |____| _/ _
Copyright © 2015 SDKBOX Inc. v1.0.0.9
Namespace(alwaysupdate=0, china=0, command=‘import’, days=10, dryrun=None, forcecopy=0, forcedownload=0, info=None, installer=’/Users/charles/.sdkbox/bin/sdkbox.pyc’, jsonapi=0, local=0, manifest=‘manifest.json’, mkey=None, mvalue=None, nohelp=0, nopatching=0, nopatchingcpp=0, noupdate=0, patcherrors=0, plugin=‘iap/’, project=’/Users/charles/Desktop/my-ios-developer/myWorkspace/xxxxx/’, remote=0, server=‘download.sdkbox.com/installer/v1/’, symbol=None, verbose=1)
cache time out: 24
get cache data len: 22638
cocos2d-x installation directory /Users/charles/Desktop/my-ios-developer/cocos2d-x/cocos2d/
cocos2d-x header directory /Users/charles/Desktop/my-ios-developer/cocos2d-x/cocos2d/cocos/
cocos2d-x installation version 3.10.0
looking for cocos2d.h at /Users/charles/Desktop/my-ios-developer/myWorkspace/xxxxx/cocos2d/cocos
cocos2d-x project root /Users/charles/Desktop/my-ios-developer/myWorkspace/xxxxx/
fallback to cocos project search False
cocos2d-x project type cpp
loaded package manifest
loaded cocos project
loaded xcode project
loaded android project
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “monolith.py”, line 8244, in
File “monolith.py”, line 8219, in main
File “monolith.py”, line 6462, in perform
File “monolith.py”, line 7079, in main
File “monolith.py”, line 6462, in perform
File “monolith.py”, line 7862, in cmd_import
File “monolith.py”, line 7046, in load_projects
File “monolith.py”, line 6682, in load_android_studio_project
File “monolith.py”, line 808, in initialize
File “monolith.py”, line 1639, in setup_script_constants
TypeError: cannot concatenate ‘str’ and ‘NoneType’ objects
Tracking: {‘return_status’: None, ‘args’: {‘verbose’: 1, ‘installer’: ‘/Users/charles/.sdkbox/bin/sdkbox.pyc’, ‘manifest’: ‘manifest.json’, ‘nopatching’: 0, ‘patcherrors’: 0, ‘project’: ‘/Users/charles/Desktop/my-ios-developer/myWorkspace/xxxxx/’, ‘noupdate’: 0, ‘mvalue’: None, ‘nopatchingcpp’: 0, ‘local’: 0, ‘nohelp’: 0, ‘dryrun’: None, ‘jsonapi’: 0, ‘symbol’: None, ‘china’: 0, ‘mkey’: None, ‘info’: None, ‘remote’: 0, ‘plugin’: ‘iap/’, ‘forcecopy’: 0, ‘days’: 10, ‘server’: ‘download.sdkbox.com/installer/v1/’, ‘forcedownload’: 0, ‘command’: ‘import’, ‘alwaysupdate’: 0}}


Hello @debuger

Could you please check whether you have this in your bash_profile -

# UTF-8 to execute cocos
export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

if not, could you please add and check.
Also, is this issue coming only with the iap plugin or other plugins as well… ??



@pabitrapadhy, thanks for your help. I check that , and found no config for this. Maybe it is the reason. But I have integrated the sdk manually now.