Guide for setting up android studio project in 4.0

Hey, does anybody have a step by step guide for setting up and building a cocos2dx 4.0 project
using Android Studio, my game is iOS only at the moment and id like to get it running on android
but there doesnt seem to be any updated information on how to get started.

Ive never done any android development before so im really lost.

What are the required steps to go from a cocos new Test -l cpp project to running it in a simulator in android studio by clicking the play button?

thanks for any help

The “Scenario 2” on this page acknowledges the situation with sophistication if you scroll down to here

Thanks for the links, I managed to get it working after some trial and error, might do a writeup on it if anyone else needs it.

I’d be interested in the write up :slight_smile:
It’s not something I’ll need soon, but yes in some months, so if you could do it thanks in advance!

What OS are you using?

I’m on mac.

Can I give this an upvote? I am also on mac.

(I am hoping this doesn’t matter – my hardware is not metal compatible.)

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

When I looked more closely at the doc, there’s a step adding metal.framework :no_mouth: Thanks for asking and working on this. I will take a look at js