google play store instantapp

google play store instantapp


How can i create instantapp for google play store?

I already create an app under 10MB. Now i want to build this game as instantapp. What should i do?

Thanks in advance


Not to critisize but I found the answer in one google search :slight_smile:


@Rascake if you don’t mind
i already create instantapp by that site and some other site but my cocos2dx app is crashing


You didn’t say that in your original post though :slight_smile: So what do you actually need help with now?


I have a game that created in cocos2dx cpp. Now i trying to create instantapp for google play store For the app.

How can i create instantapp for google play store using cocos2dx?

But when i am trying load my app in android os version 8 and above its fine
But in less os version like os 6,7 it crash. instantapp does not even open.

Did i miss something.

Thanks in advance


We don’t support GPI in Cocos2d-x. It should be able to be done as I know others have done it. Cocos Creator can create GPI games, but only javascript.

I’d find a Google forum to ask this on as it seems to be tied to specific Android versions you are having this issue on. I’ll reach out to my contact as Google and ask where you can get some help.


I talked to our friends at google and they said:

e don’t have any forums, but we are actively monitoring stack overflow(with android-instant-apps tag) and they can also file the issue in the public Android tracker.