GLES 3 support, have a try

GLES 3 support, have a try
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I just add GLES 3 support in this PR. It will try to create GLES 3 context first, if failed, then create GLES2 context. Because GLES3 is compatible with GLES2, so we don’t have modify other engine codes. You can use GLES3 new features if you want but engine itself will not use new GLES3 features.


Great news! Please merge this to cocos2dx-lite too. Since Cocos Creator is using that.


Will merge to lite version after testing


I tried on iPhone 7s and MI 5s Plus. They work fine.


Thanks for feedback.


what advantages brings GLES 3 ?


iPhone 7s? How :smiley: ?


Sorry, I haven’t done an extensive performance benchmark on cocos2d-x GLES 2 vs GLES 3 yet but so far I have not seen any critical bugs.


Maybe you (cocos2dx-Team) should fully support GLES3+ in new “Cocos2d-x v4”. ATM it’s not that imported/needed. but it will. The Shaders in the newer GLES Versions are more interessting… and bring more possibilities.


Are there plans to support ETC2 textures ?


I through it supported? I believe so, just never tried. I needed a format that supported on all platforms and any devices, so I finally chose WebP, moreover it’s compression so amazing!

In SpriteBuilderX I have this list of supported formats:


So, cocos2d-x should support it…


As we found many errors after using GLES3 context, so i revert the codes. More information can refer to this github issue.


Please support gles2 in the futere too, because about 50% android devices use that.


Yep, we should, but can not be in v3.