Getting "Undefined symbol: GULHeartbeatDateStorage" error

Following features are implemented using SDKBox
2.Firebase (Analytics)

now i am getting the error
(cocos 3.15 and Xcode Version 11.3.1 (11C505))

please help

can you try import firebase again?
sdkbox import firebase --forcecopy --nopatching --nohelp

No it didn’t work

Error: Interface class) used as super class of

in android i am getting this error

All right,
Did you clean up projects before import?
Delete ‘GoogleAppMeasurement. Framework’, ‘GoogleUtilities. Framework’, ‘nanopb. Framework’ the three, and then import

If that doesn’t work, use the staging server instead.
Sdkbox update - the staging

About the Android: android. GMS.* 'is a Google library. How did this error come about?
There may be a missing library, or you may have confused Google’s library.

IOS part is working now.
Now i need to implement firebase crashlytics, can you help me (sdkbox don’t support this)

In android i used SDK box for IAP, AdMob, SdkBoxPlay, firebase analytics.
Now i add firebase crashlytics and added dependency and getting

Error: Interface class) used as super class of . Error

If this is not the cause of confusion, then there may be a lack of a gms library, but I am not sure which library is the specific one.

The following is a sample that integrates admob, firebase and sdkboxplay. it may be useful to compare with the dependencies in your project.

Adding all latest dependency in app gradle for all sdkbox implemented plugins solved the issue

implementation ‘’
implementation ‘’
implementation ‘’
implementation “”

// Play Services
implementation ""
implementation ""
implementation ""
implementation ""