Getting to know our users. (Bonus: Live Stream)

Getting to know our users. (Bonus: Live Stream)

Hello All,

I need to make a presentation soon and I need help with data. It would be helpful if I could get to know you all better. Please complete this:

There are over 30,000 users on these forums. If I can get over 100 responses (legit responses, :slight_smile: ) I will spend one of my mornings doing a live stream taking Q and A from you all, whatever comes up.

Survey time!

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Nice, i will do!

Done and about which language - you already know 78% of all wants C++

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I do. Just doing a double check. Thanks!

Creator lacks auto-complete, this must be solved.

done. i hope you are knowing your user well.

Why you need information about the country?
Suppose I am from the Galactic Empire.
Does this mean that I’m a villain, I have red eyes, and I can not publish my games world-wide?

Maybe to see the combination of C++/LUA/JS usage across the countries. As I suppose the western world will use more C++, but I’m not sure. That’s why @slackmoehrle wants to know it.

Yes. For example. I am in the U.S and here c++ is the most popular. In China, however, it is Javascript.

20 responses so far, let’s keep them coming folks. We need insight into our future and what users expect. The team in China wants to make sure all regions are included in the product vision.

I could try tagging all 30,000 users!! LOL.

Can you show us your presentation when you finish it?

And I prefer v3 stability and start v4.

v4 engine:

  • C++ only (which really means a lot… no JS or Lua at all no script lang’s)
  • No 3D (really NO, maybe just only for actions)
  • open-source C++ editor made with Qt(UX like in SpiteBuilder)
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So, i’am a Brazilian, here C++ is not much used for game development (few people uses it), i love C++ and me feel comfortable to use it.

The guys prefer to program in Javascript or C# and with easy IDE.

Thats also because currently on the market only 1 powerful solution which in not using C++.
Try to find job with tag “cocos” or “cocos2d-x” tag, what can you find currently? Not much or zero.
But just use tag “unity” and… so JS or C# will be there ofc, thats why they are preferred.

Alright, i agree with you, currently the developers here in Brazil are looking for to be Indie Developers than work in a Game Studio.
C++ is a great language, but the learn curve is long and relativity hard, this take them prefer choose languages with smaller curve of learn.

I completed.

But also Unity is removing JS support -> - It’s not the right choice for game development. Don’t bet on a dead horse.


Aha, thanks.
So, I hope at least one script language will be removed from cocos2d-x, JS.

Done and I choose cocos because it’s written in c++ and my games can programmed in c++ and pure OpenGL ES and it’s open source.
Thank you for this awesome game engine. (It’s hard to learn easy to control solution and I like it.)

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39 responses…that is a long way from 100. I really want to do a live stream for you all!!