Getting started with SDKBOX!

Getting started with SDKBOX!
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@nite, any visibility concerning the ad network mediation through SDKBOX? We are currently finalizing our game and working on the ad providers management.
Thank you


We’re still working on the infrastructure of that, it’s very early(still months’ of work ahead), if your game is close to release, then it’s probably not a good idea to wait on us.


Ok thanks, well noted :smile:
Keep up the good work guys!



can u please tell what can we achieve using ad mediation management?


Check out this link for more info


We have released version 1.1, get it here


SDKBOX is good, simple and elegant i think.
I am looking forward to it with more common SDK we need.

Here is my question, as i know sdkbox is a upgrade version of plugin-x, is there any source code are identical?
So, can i use plugin-x’ s facebook with sdkbox’s iap in a project without any conflict?


You should be able to as far as I know. However, I do need to point out that SDKBOX isn’t really an upgrade to plugin-x. Think of it as a new initiative.

That being said, we are developing a FaceBook plugin, due out within the next month.


Hi Slackmoehrle.

Just to be clear, for each plugins to work, we need to separately open each account(ie AdColony, Vungle) and install their SDK first and let this SDKBOX plugins control those right?

Is the SDKBOX out of beta?


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Yes and populate sdkbox_config.json with that information.

no, just grab SDKBOX, we provide everything you need to integrate.

Interesting question. We are still adding new plugins to the SDKBOX capabilities, so for now, I think we are still in beta because of this. However we are very stable for production use.


Thanks alot!

I feel confident enough to make decision to use the SDKBOX.
I think SDKBOX really hit the spot with 3rd party needs.

Thank you so much!

Han Joo


Does SDKBOX is planed to cost Money in the Future in any way ?
Does SDKBOX is planed to except for install data collect more data from users ?
i need to know before deciding using it.


I want for revmob android on windows


Sorry, can you clarify a bit more? We are not charging for SDKBOX and to my knowledge there are not any plans to ever do this. As far as data collection, what are your concerns?


Typo on the main heading: Fatique, should be Fatigue :smile:

Will try out the IAP and provide feedback.


Basically i have no problem to share information in return to quality software as yours.
BUT i do want to know which info are collected .
that is every info or modification that this SDKBOX doing to my app .


I understand. You surely have a right to know this information. We do have a Privacy Policy


Thanks for the quick response


Hi @slackmoehrle I’m trying to get work with SdkBox but I can’t. I followed your video instructions, but I get “-bash: sdkbox: command not found” in the command line when I try the command “sdkbox import…” I tried installing by double click the installer of sdkbox (you don’t do that in the video) but I get an error “sdkbox: error: too few arguments
What I have to do? I really need it work!


just copy sdkbox to someplace in your path, example /usr/local/bin. You can’t double click it.