Getting started with SDKBOX!

Getting started with SDKBOX!
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IIRC. it said “temporary problem”, please try again later.

It’s working now.


This sounds great!

Regarding Admob, it would be great to see Admob used as the Ad network aggregator.

A single Admob C++ .h interface created that has separate .cpp implementation files for iOS, Android and WP8.1.

Each implementation would then tie into the ObjC, Java and C# of the platform as needed.
The Objc, Java and c# could handle the callbacks for ad network prioritization on each platform.

The Admob web app could be used to manage ad network prioritization.
The c++ file could then present the showAd, hideAd, loadAd, and callbacks for interstitial lifecycle and add loading/failing through a simple interface.

For iOS and Android, it could then be configured to call Chartboost, Vungle, AdColony, Applovin, or others as primary and use Admob to backfill. This would provide a maximum fill rate and enable tweaking network prioritization in the Admob web app.

By the way, while Vungle and AdColony do have great payout on their video ads, but they do gouge the revenue share if you don’t serve a critical mass of ads for them. I forget exactly what that critical mass is, but it was something like less than 5,000,000 ads a month and you get 20% less revenue share. I just looked at Vungle and Adcolony’s sites and I cannot find the legal document that I read that in. But my point is that having Admob as a mediator enables some control over which ads are served and can be changed at any time.

A setup like this could do a great job of maximizing ad revenue in ones game.


I am surprised that Microsoft is not dedicating more resources to support Cocos2d-x integration of their In App Purchase and Microsoft Ads.

Microsoft is struggling to gain mobile market share and strongly wants more games in their app store.

Streamlining Cocos2d-x integration with Microsoft IAP and Microsoft Ads by dedicating resources to work on SDKBOX would go a long way towards getting more Cocos2d-x games in their store.

And I am baffled why Microsoft does not have a GameCenter/Google Play Game Services type social gaming service.




I would be thrilled to see support for AppLovin added. There is already existing code for this at that could be adapted and updated with the latest AppLovin SDKs.


Go for it! Thank you so much for the continued videos.


Just uploading a Cocos Studio tutorial ATM but will discuss doing tutorials for SDKBOX :smiley:


@slackmoehrle, any news about SDKBOX IAP ?


Thanks, for such as thing

This really help us , to use 3rd party framework, to add the salt to our games

Hope see more like inapp and more ad networks

Thanks cocos2dx team


It is in the works.


Iap is coming and more ad networks too :slight_smile:


Can I use sdkbox on cocos2d-x v2?
It will support 10 blackberry?


Yes, v2.2.6 is supported with more v2 releases coming.

No, at this time SDKBOX is iOS and Android only.


I just trying to intergrate SDKBOX with Chartboost C++. I have followed the document but there is one point I’m not understand. The document guide showing ad by this line of code:

But I don’t know what (“AD_NAME”) is. Can some one please expain it for me. Thanks you so much!


You should have put chartboost config info in sdkbox_config.json. AD_NAME is the zone that you put in. I will double check when i get to my computer tonight just to be sure.


Are you planning to include ad network mediation ? (If Yes, is it in some days, weeks, or months?)

If not, can I be able to make some mediation between AdColony, Chartboost, and Vungle with your SDKBOX?

Thank you


I am not familiar with what you mean here. Can you explain a bit more?


Yes, we are thinking about it, It will take month to implement a good one though.


I’m having this error, when trying to implement AdColony:

“The import org.cocos2dx.plugin cannot be resolved”

in cocos2d\cocos\platform\android\java\src\org\cocos2dx\lib\

any help ?


Did you import import org.cocos2dx.plugin.PluginWrapper;