Getting error while from SDKBox Admob


I have integrated AbMob using SDKBox extension in Cocos Creator v2.3.4. While running the iOS build i am getting the following error.

Assertion failed: (isObject()), function toObject, file /Volumes/MyFiles/Cocos-Projects/RummyPlugins/build/jsb-default/frameworks/cocos2d-x/cocos/scripting/js-bindings/jswrapper/Value.cpp, line 539.

Also, I have integrated the same in Cocos Creator v2.0.9 and it’s working fine.

Kindly help me out in fixing the problem.


Could you provide a demo project which can reproduce the error?

Here is the link of the project.

plz try staging version. sdkbox import admob --staging

and we will release official version ASAP.

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