getPlayerAccountField (“server_auth_code”) is empty

getPlayerAccountField (“server_auth_code”) is empty

In the sdkboxplay plugin, PluginSdkboxPlay :: getPlayerAccountField (“server_auth_code”) is empty. Now sdkbox all plug-ins are not supported to get google token yet.
Can I use sdkbox to get google token, thanks

did you request it after you login?

I am sure.
void MYSdkboxPlayListener::onConnectionStatusChanged(int connection_status) {
log(“connection status change: %d Is Connected: %d”, connection_status, sdkbox::PluginSdkboxPlay::isSignedIn() ? 1 : 0);
if ( connection_status == GPS_CONNECTED ) {
log(“Google%s.”, PluginSdkboxPlay::getPlayerAccountField(“server_auth_code”).c_str());
The log is :
connection status change: 1000 Is Connected: 1

Mac 10.13.1

installed packages:
v2.3.17.2 sdkboxplay
v2.3.17.1 facebook
v2.3.17.1 googleplayservices
v2.3.17.1 iap

ok we’ll do some more testing and let you know

Thank you very much. Because I’m going to use it, I really want to know the result quickly. Maybe it is caused by my local environment configuration error.

UPDATE: Problem solved. My bad. I filled the web_client_id to the “ios/sdkboxplay” section.
Sorry guys.

Is this problem solved? I met same problem too.
My older version wrote by native java + google sdk works. When moving to cocos + sdkbox, it can not return the server_auth_code.
is successful and the web_client_id in sdkbox_config.json is correct.

i use this sample to try, i can get server_auth_code.

maybe you can take a look at this sample.

Thank you. I found the problem.