Get Window Frame Resize Callback in Mac build

Get Window Frame Resize Callback in Mac build
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Has anyone tried adjusting the game’s size according to resize window of game in mac.
i am not sure if creator provides resize callback. If it does ,kindly let me know.
Also, while changing the size , initially widget also does not seem to be effective in readjusting the game.
if anyone has pointers regarding this, it would be appreciated.


you could always try listening to the browsers resize event


I am sorry but do you realise this question is specifically for Mac build.
I don’t think what you suggested would work in native environment, or would it ?


It’s the app is still being run in a webkit view so all browser events and more are still available.


Well that’s a good news. Thanks a ton brother.


I tried doing this , but none of the way seems to work.

window.addEventListener is not a function.

Let me know if you know what should be done to make it work


How about

window.onresize = function() {
// Do something.


tried it.
doesnt’ trigger. :confused: