Get webview current url

Get webview current url
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How to get the current webpage url of the webview?

Thank you…


@nite, @slackmoehrle - I couldn’t find any method to get the url of current loaded webpage in webview , is it not possible to do so?


Don’t you already know what you loaded? Sorry I’m confused why you would need to get it. Do you have a use case I could understand?


Yes i know the url i load in a webview. But there are other links in the webpage, so when the user clicks on any link, the webpage changes and so the url.

So i want to get the new url of the page the user is currently on. So i can do some actions depending on it.

Eg - when the user reaches a success page on the webview, i want to do some actions, so i need to get the url to confirm wether user reached tht page or not…


I understand. I don’t see anything in the public API.

Not sure if there is a member variable or something that might be useful, perhaps look in the source.