Get email user facebook

Get email user facebook

Hello everyone, I use sdkbox facebook, to log in to the app, the process seems to be successful, but I need to know how I can capture the user’s email once the loguin is complete?

When you ask for permission it indicates that my app can access the email, name and photo

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i never try to get the email, you can try:

0x01 fetch friends info

        FBAPIParam params;
        params["fields"] = "id,email,name,installed,first_name,last_name,picture.type(small)";
        api("me/friends", "GET", params,"__me_friends__");

0x02 deal with data

void HelloWorld::onAPI(const std::string& tag, const std::string& jsonData)
    CCLOG("##FB onAPI: tag -> %s, json -> %s", tag.c_str(), jsonData.c_str());
    if (tag == "__fetch_picture_tag__") {
        picojson::value v;
        picojson::parse(v, jsonData);
        std::string url = v.get("data").get("url").to_str();
        CCLOG("picture's url = %s",;

    else if (tag == "__me_friends__") {
        // code here;


Good morning, thanks for the information, sorry for the ignorance, but how can I apply that code to cocos creator and javascript?

did you try to find the javascript example ?

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Good afternoon,

With the example of the shared link, it worked correctly.

Thank you very much