Geometry Dash World

Anyone know if Geometry Dash World was made with Cocos too? (as well as the original which I know for sure was)

My kids play it all the time and I notice this version has some pretty cool lighting effects going on. Or maybe they switched to a different for that? …or can Cocos do all that jazzy stuff?

It says it is made with Cocos2d-x like Geometry Dash. Under Settings (bottom gear icon) - Help, you can see there is a “Powered By: Cocos2d-x”.

And what do you mean about “lighting effects”? Can you tell me more about it? :smiley:

I think the “lighting effects” are not actually lighting effects. For what I know, they are just sprites with blending. Like the image below. (image from here)

You just place them in a grid, move and scale them, and you got a cool glow effect. :smiley: