Gataela - Demo Now Out! - PC, Steam

Gataela - Demo Now Out! - PC, Steam
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Hello! I’ve been working on Gataela for quite some time and I now I have a ~5 hour long demo of it out along with it being up for vote on Steam Greenlight. I’d appreciate it if you could play, maybe give some feedback, and vote for it!


I started the project with Cocos2dx 2.0 beta. Current version is a customized 3.10 with the experimental audio from 3.13.1. Final release will include iOS, Android and WinTab as well as PC. I’ve had previous builds running on all of those (and the Playbook).


Paige this is fantastic news. Congratulations! I really love the art. Perhaps we should update our interview with you to reflect this?


Thanks! And sure :slight_smile:


nice! upvoted :smiley:


Looks amazing!


Thanks again!