GameServices.Leaderboards.SubmitScore throw exception always!

GameServices.Leaderboards.SubmitScore throw exception always!


I always get this exception while calling GameServices.Leaderboards.SubmitScore (Cocos creator)

and submited scores’ve never updated in Google Play Console too.
Checked everythings carefully, other things work ok (Ex Achievement, Events …)


Thanks for your report.
Let’s take a look at this crash exception.

Tracking issue here too.


what params are you pass to submitScore?

after call submitScore, did your app crash? did you get onScoreSubmitted trigger?



App get exception but does not crash, the IsSuccess(res.result) function return true but the score’ve never updated on leaderboard.
I passed params as picture below.

Sure the leaderboard_id is correct and the score is valid number.


i guess, it’s the metadata King of score, the metadata is the scoretag, must be 64 URI safe characters, can you try metadata KingOfScore?


The characters generally considered unsafe are:

  • space (" ")
  • less than and greater than ("<>")
  • open and close brackets ("[]")
  • open and close braces ("{}")
  • pipe ("|")
  • backslash ("")
  • caret ("^")
  • percent ("%")


Yep the exception is gone and the leaderboard is updated! Thk so much everyone ^^.
I thought the Score tags is fixed by SDKBox and metadata is just extra information.
In my opinion the res.result in callback should return false in this case, it’s more sense.