Gamepad / Controller Support - OSX / PC / Mobile

Gamepad / Controller Support - OSX / PC / Mobile
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Is there any guides how to use gainput?


Look at the Usage section on the github mainpage and the samples.


Just found it.
It seem I have to use cmake.
Thank you.


So, will we get controller support for osx/pc in the v3.10?


We are over a year on, I’m looking to go to steam next year with a new project. Can anyone advise me of the current position regarding joystick/pad support?


I´m working with OIS library to support gamepads. I already test on most of gamepads (xbox, ps3/4, generics) and worked.

For Xbox One (UWP apps), you probably need to wrapping c# gamepad class to c++ and then migrate to your solution.


for future ref this is a very good short tutorial on gamepad support!

thanks @SonarSystems


Has anyone on this thread added controller support using GLFW, SDL, Gainput, etc for an x64 build? We are working on an UWP game, targeted for both Win 10 and Xbox One and have not been able to get a Visual Studio 2015 build running yet which targets x64 using GLFW or Gainput. Will likely try SDL next. Microsoft no longer supports Win32 builds on Xbox per the following link:

I created another forum thread to track x64 builds with GLFW (specifically), since that is already bundled with cocos2d-x but is not available in x64 builds.