[Game-Web]Math Addition Jumper made using Cocos Creator

[Game-Web]Math Addition Jumper made using Cocos Creator
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Part of learning new stuffs, encountered Cocos Creator, quickly made Mathemaniac – Addition Addiction using Cocos Creator. It was indeed similar to Unity, which made things quite easy for some stuffs (if you’re familiar with Unity). Working on Javascript was a new thing. Coming from as3 and C#, it was quite difficult to understand certain ways of it.

Anyway, I’m happy that I completed the project & publishing it. (without stopping it half the way).

Play it on Gamejolt

Click here to Preview Gameplay In Action

I’m also hoping to do a devlog on this one. But I’m not sure time will allow me.


I like how you always make sure there is a possible solution. Solid first Cocos/JS game!