[Game] Tower Duel - Realtime competitive Tower Defense - Download Beta

[Game] Tower Duel - Realtime competitive Tower Defense - Download Beta
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Hi everybody!

We released the Beta of our game Tower Duel - it’s a competitive Tower Defense on iOS and Android, playing in real-time against real enemies. Before playing a match you can create your own deck of customizable Towers and Attackers to fit your personal style.


iOS: https://towerduel.herokuapp.com/
Android: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.forestringgames.apps.towerduel


Since pictures say more than a thousand words, have a look at the action-packed gameplay!

In the construction phase, you have time to build up an initial maze of towers and prepare for battle.

After that, players are sending attackers to their opponents and defending against theirs. Tower Defense and Attack at the same time!

When time is running short, the income of all players is greatly boosted for a final showdown!

Some extra goodie, playing with the grid while waiting for real-time matchmaking :wink:

Leveling-up your Defender and Attacker Cards by choosing from a wide variety of options.

We hope you enjoy the game and if you behave well (and download the beta), you’ll get a personal selfie with Maxx King, the enigmatic host of Tower Duel!

We hope you all like it, and we’re happy for any feedback you have for us!

Forest Ring Games Team


Awesome works is done! So many cool features implemented on cocos2d-x :slight_smile:


Very Cool!
Could you guide us how to implement the Realtime competitive ?
What’s the background server the game are using?


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

@debuger We’re using Photon Realtime (https://www.photonengine.com/en-US/Realtime)
Implementing real-time games is pretty complex and though in general, Photon takes away a good part of that though. You don’t have to focus on the low level networking any longer.
If you have any specific questions, I’ll try to answer :wink:


Congratulations @framusrock!
Looking great!


Played a couple of games. Loved it.
Obviously a lot of thought went into this one.

Very deep upgrade system. Funny background story. Nice graphics.

Amazing work!

I love how you can send several units with a swipe and upgrade with a long press.

But I would like an equal easy way to upgrade towers quickly. Maybe up swipe? And down swipe for sale? I would also like to see which towers are upgradable without having to touch them. Maybe I’m missing something.

Again. Great work!


I just realized “swipe up to upgrade tower” is already implemented. Even better! My mistake.


I’m glad to see that you also suggested that little UI tweak and also found it already implemented :wink:

Also we’re happy to hear that you guys like the game so far! There’s still much work to do and we’re making it better every day!

[Paid][Hiring] Engine Developer to work on our internal Cocos2d-x fork

Thank you very much. I will try.


it looks awesome. I’m just downloading it.
Could you share a bit of how is your project workflow? what tools are you using? do you use a graphical editor or everything is done by code?


@debuger good luck!

@zerodarkzone Glad you like it! Sure, we’re mostly using pure C++ code for almost everything.
We do not use any graphical editor for menus / UI, since there’s not really one available that would be suitable (maybe SpriteBuilderX could work, but it requires a specific fork of Cocos2d-x, also we kind of enjoy doing everything in code).
Otherwise, Microsoft Excel is very powerful for Game Design, Texture Packer by @AndreasLoew (CodeAndWeb) is an awesome tool for creating texture atlases and Spine by @NateS (Esoteric Software) is outstanding for animating UI, Towers and Attackers.


thanks for sharing it. I’m so far enjoying the game. There’s one thing I noticed: If I rush an attack at the beginning of a game instead of worrying about constructing defenses then I win 4 of 5 matches. Maybe it is because my level and my oponents’ level are still too low but it looks that you need to balance certain things a little more.


Thanks for the feedback @zerodarkzone. You’re right about your observations, we’re currently working on the matchmaking to give you opponents that are closer to your skill level. Also some Towers and Attackers are soon going to be re-worked, so that they’re going to be more fun and fit their role better.