[Game] The Haunted City - Published

Hi All,

Really happy to announce that my new game - “Haunted City” is now available in Google Play Store.

Download and enjoy: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.cocos2dx.HauntedCity

Demo link: Youtube demo link

It has features like: 1) Main Menu with help screen
2) Level menu - (This was challenging). As you clear each level, you see the locks removed from that level, Higher levels are still locked (which you are yet to clear)
3) Layout change at each level with ability to store the score and levels across reboots.
5) Background sound at different levels
6) Google AdMob integration

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Update as on 6th August:

The app seems to be broken on bigger screen resolutions and needs to be managed. Have unpublished it from playstore to fix the resolution issue.

Will keep this thread posted on re-publishing after around a week,

I fixed the resolution and it should now work with all screen sizes. Tested on real hardware on varying sizes and all worked great and got lot of positive feedbacks. Already had couple of downloads.

Guys, please try my app and rate me in playstore and message me, and i will try yours and upvote yours :grinning: :grinning:
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