Game stops music at opening (android / cocos2d-x)

Game stops music at opening (android / cocos2d-x)
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hello as i write in the title, my game stops playing music at opening or after the video ad starts in game. I searched for possible reasons in code but i couldn’t find a way.
this looks like onResume problem but i couldn’t find the solution. maybe someone get the same error and help me.
cocos2d-x version: 3.16



I have the same issue in my Android game. One of my customers just inform me that he has to uninstall game because he can not listen music while playing…
This regression on 3.16. It works fine on cocos2dx-3.14.1.

@slackmoehrle Could you help us? Is there any workaround? Do you know what was changed?


Background service audio is stopped when starting Game (Android)

Same here!!!

#4, @jianhua928 @dumganhar it seems like Android audio was completely rewritten. Could you help us?



issue created:


is there anything in logcat that I can add to the GitHub issue?


i get no error or info log about the issue.


I replied it on github. Please refer to it.