[Game] Songbringer (Star Wars meets Legend of Zelda)

[Game] Songbringer (Star Wars meets Legend of Zelda)


@slackmoehrle @stevetranby cool. Love to see you guyses serieses. Be sure to mention if you start one up.


Great video and explanation of your ECS setup. Ive always used an inheritance based setup for my games, but have wanted to try an ECS for sometime. Does RapidGame have a template that has a bare bones version of your ECS to get started? That would be really cool. Anyways, thanks for your contributions.


An ECS is sooo worth it! Sorry, RG doesn’t have an ECS. That would be a nightmare to write and then maintain for Javascript in addition to C++. RG is a free thing and frankly, it’s a ton of work on its own without an ECS.


Ah. I gotcha! Well it sounds like you may release your ECS on github so Ill keep my eyes pealed! Thanks again!


Finally released the ECS on Github! It’s called EntityFu.


Thanks for sharing!


You’re welcome! Made a few more improvements just now.

Also want to mention on this thread the goal of EntityFu is to be simple, clean and lightweight. That’s why there are only two files to include: EntityFu.h and EntityFu.cpp.


I love your pixel art and the idea of live streams. Great work :smile:


Thank you! Here’s a few more recent screen shots:


Looking really sweet


Like the swoop from the sword in the third image, very swoopy :smiley:


Cheers, thanks!


Hey :smile:

this game is really really awesome! :blush:
I really like your stream and your youtube archive so i can stay up to date with your game because of the time difference between america and germany.

It is always cool to watch you programming, doing art/music or some other stuff. You are really a cool chilled guy and it is so awesome that you help others with your sharing your development process.

You are really a kind of inspiration for us so we do share our game development process too. Not at your kind of level but we try our best :smile:

Maybe some day you can give us a little feedback on our game even it’s our first so far but your opinion would mean a lot for us!

Keep doing this good work :+1:


Thanks so much! I really appreciate you saying that.

What’s the link to your game? I’d love to check it out.


Looking ucking epic awesome


This game is really looking amazing! Just started watching your latest dev stream.


So did you get your borderless fullscreen window working? If not, I’m happy to share. Basically some Objective C after the GLFW window has already been created and the renderer has run once.

id window = [[[NSApplication sharedApplication] windows] firstObject];
auto rect = [window frame];
auto screenRect = [[NSScreen mainScreen] frame];

// set fullscreen window mask
[window setStyleMask:NSFullScreenWindowMask];

// then it will be allowed to set position to 0,0
rect.origin.x = 0.0f;
rect.origin.y = 0.0f;
rect.size.height += 1.0f * screenScale; // sorry, forgot why this line is here...
[window setFrame:rect display:YES];

// hide the menu bar
auto mask = NSApplicationPresentationHideMenuBar | NSApplicationPresentationHideDock;
[[NSApplication sharedApplication] setPresentationOptions:mask];


Oh Sweet! Yea, I figured out a way to make it work:

auto director = Director::getInstance();
auto glview = director->getOpenGLView();
id window = glview->getCocoaWindow();
[window setLevel:NSPopUpMenuWindowLevel];

But I think your solution is better. going to test it out.

Thanks man!


Yeap, these two lines work even better.

auto mask = NSApplicationPresentationHideMenuBar | NSApplicationPresentationHideDock;
[[NSApplication sharedApplication] setPresentationOptions:mask];

Don’t need to fiddle with the window level when it gains/loses focus. :smiley:


Hello natweiss, we want to learn how to make multiple light source. We can only make 1 lightsource. Do you also have it in your videos?


Sorry, I don’t know. I do not use cocos2d-x’ light nodes. I wrote a custom shader for that.

Some info on the shader in this video: