[Game] Songbringer (Star Wars meets Legend of Zelda)

[Game] Songbringer (Star Wars meets Legend of Zelda)


Hi all! Thought I’d share my latest cocos2d-x game project: Songbringer. It’s a roguelike / RPG akin to The Legend of Zelda but within a sci-fi world that is procedurally generated. Work in progress, maybe 6 or 9 months left. I’m having lots of fun making this game and even sharing daily live streams of the game’s C++, pixel art and music. The streams are all archived on Youtube as well.


Man, this game looks amazing


Thanks! Here’s a few more screens:


wow, I love the graphics!


Thanks! There’s a custom shader in effect which can use any number of light sources. Also going to work on an automatic normal mapping effect as well. Inspiration credit goes to the cocos2d_tests and all the awesome new 3d code you guys have been adding. Great work!


Those are damn fine graphics! Reminds me of Sword and Sworcery.


This is awesome. I’ll watch your streams. Are you using v3.3? How about some technical details?


@Toby: thanks!

@slackmoehrle: Yep, using v3.3 via RapidGame (planning to upgrade RG to v3.4 soon).

Some technical details. Well, I started mostly from scratch on the game’s engine, writing a simple struct-based entity component system in C++. Using an ECS has revolutionized the way I think about making games. I do plan on releasing it on Github once I do the last bit of performance improvements (just replacing maps with plain old arrays).

I do share a bit about the ECS in this video at around minute 7.


Cool I will give it a watch tonight. If you can I’d love to see more about you struct-based ECS.


Ok, will focus on that a little in the next video.


Looks sweet man! This motivates me to work on a LoZ dungeon-only game (more like gauntlet) I need to finally work on and finish.


Sweet! Love to see it.


@slackmoehrle: The ECS was discussed last night in this video at around 2:15.


Thanks @natweiss . I will watch it this weekend!


Rapid game is awesome!


@natweiss - Thanks for doing the YT video. It was super informative to see how you are architecting this.


Thanks! An update is coming out today which adds a pure cocos2d-x template and a fix for building on windows.


Glad it was informative!


This makes me want to do a YT series.


@natweiss @slackmoehrle agreed, great videos, also makes me want to do the same :smile:
I’ve enjoyed seeing how you built your entity-component system, having used Unity’s and having attempted to refactor some of my core game characters into components.