[GAME] Pixel BMX Race

[GAME] Pixel BMX Race


Currently I don’t have Analytics but plan to add soon. I am thinking of using SDKBox, do you think it’s a good solution or something else is better?


You shouldn’t ask me for SDKBox. I don’t like middleware code for such things like Analytics, because it’s a black box. If it’s open source, I’m fine with it, because I see what it does. That’s why I’m also against prebuilt libraries in cocos in general. And Firebase Analytics is offering a C++ library (wrapper for calling the iOS/Android SDK code): https://firebase.google.com/docs/analytics/cpp/start - So you don’t need any (closed source) middleware for that.

But this is only my opinion, if you want to save time, feel free to use SDKBox.

Offtopic: Because of the GDPR (in Europe) you have to do some more work in implementing such tools. Even your ads provider has to be GDPR conform and you have to inform the user about it.


Same here. It is unpredictable. Especially for Games that targeting the European market. That could cause heavy GDPR issues. Implementing those service took me about 3 to 7 days (for Android and IOS). That’s okay.


3-7 days not bad at all to implement Analytics. Thanks for the feedback!


The hard part wasn’t to get it technically working, right? This can be done in 1 or 2 days. The time consuming part was to structure your events, that it’s useful at the end of the day.


Yes, I agree the data need to be useful. I can see tons of time tweaking things around.


To be honest, I do not know the exact duration of each step anymore. At this time, I also tried to learn and implement all these JNI stuff for ad networks, Google Play and Google Analytics (which I’m not using). But researching, learning and implementing should not take more than 3-7 days. As an Example: after I got some experience in all that stuff, I’ve implemented Unity Ads within hours. Developing with SDKBox is still faster… but that’s not the point for me.

What I tried to say was that if you invest time in your own implementation, you might not get in trouble with GDPR.


Great job I’m going to try it!


@tranthor Thank you! With your information I found the issue :slight_smile: It was a shader that needed to be fix.