[GAME] Pixel BMX Race

[GAME] Pixel BMX Race


Wohoo! released my new game using cocos2d-x!

Play Store Link
iOS coming soon…

Some interesting facts:

  • Cocos2d-x 3.17 C++
  • App Size ~16M
  • Dev Time: 11 months on weekends
  • 12+ bmx bikes
  • 12 terrains
  • Smooth physics on low end devices
  • Endless
  • Beautiful Pixel art

Thanks for checking it out!!


Good Game.!


The art is beautuful!

My opinion:
1.Make the animations look smoother (e.g. dog and chicken).
2.Slow the player down and make the controlls harder (so that it is harder to find the right balance).


@captainflyaway Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


Do you mean player is riding too fast? I was thinking the same but wasn’t sure :frowning:


How ground were rendered/created? It’s like PRFIlledPolygon but much better?
How levels were created, editor?



The grounds rendered using triangles strip. Some are hand created using a custom editor and the rest are generated at runtime.

As for the levels, same as the grounds some are hand created with a custom editor and other are generated at runtime.

Not sure what PRFIlledPolygon is.


Can you explain what is this and how-to? Because I don’t understand. How to do it in cocos?

Interesting, what is that? Can you show something?


Very cool. Reminds me of Pump’d BMX. Congrats on the release. Looks amazing. If you need TestFlight testers reach out.


Fantastic achievement! Though honestly at first i thought it was low res XD


@slackmoehrle Awesome thanks for the offer. I might have to take you on it :slight_smile:

@squares you can search for triangles strip here. I discussed it with bunch of people in the past. As for custom editor basically it’s a small tool to create terrain points and serialized to json for the terrain sections. Sorry can’t show it, but you get the main idea.

@Rascake Thanks!


I’m also available for TestFlight :wink:


yes because the levels arent difficult because of the actual terrain (it is only pressing forward and a few times backwards) but because of the distance.

Look at trials fusion. It takes alot of skill to balance the player on the rather difficult terrain!


Well he should pick me because I like to drink kale smoothies while evaluating games :slight_smile:


@vkreal2 congrats for the release! (if you want, you could test my game :wink: Armed Chicks).

My feedback:
I think the game has an important problem with the frame updates.
I can’t see the game fluid, it’s lagged.

The terrain/background, sounds like you cut and paste ‘parts’ of the images, but it looks bad.
And look this video, sometimes i can’t see the background:

(sorry for the bad filming haha, but i repeat: sometimes i don’t see the background. i’m not moving the camera, really, i don’t see the background).
Again, congrats for the release! but fix these bugs, it’s very important for the game play :wink:


@tranthor Yeah it’s a known issue I am still trying to fix. I believe in certain devices the floating point math precision for the terrain section are getting corrupted as X position gets big. I have seen it on Amazon Fire device but this is the first time on a Samsung. Do you mind giving me your device model info for research?
Thanks for the feedback! Will have time tomorrow to try out your game “Armed Chicks” :slight_smile:

@mars3142 @slackmoehrle you both definitely get picked. Thank you!

@captainflyaway Thanks, I will take a look at trials fusion


While waiting for an iOS version, I tested it on my Google Pixel. Things I want to mention:

  • please change the screen orientation from Landscape to SensorLandscape (in AndroidManifest.xml)
  • there is complete silence while I’m flying - it’s weird. Okay, we have no rolling sound, but it should have some other background noises
  • what are the traffic lights for? are they “spawn points”? how do they work?

Nice game so far, but it’s really hard to play. I only reached the looping in section 2.


@mars3142 Wow thank you!

  • SensorLandscape first time hearing about it. I will definitely check it out in the morning :slight_smile:
  • No sound while flying. Thanks for pointing it out, now I will definitely look into it! Keep in mind its still version 1 :slight_smile:
  • Yes you are correct about traffic lights. Next iterations it will become “spawn points”

As for hard to play, do you think I should make it easier?



I know, that was just my point of view about it.

Definitely not. It’s good this way. Do you use some form of analytics (e.g. Firebase Analytics)? With it, you could see, how often the players start a level and if the reach some points in the game.

SensorLandscape is better, because the player can still rotate the device (if maybe the charger needs to be on the other side). Because the template for cocos is portrait mode, I can’t add SensorLandscape to it, so more (non Android) developer are aware of it.

Can’t wait to test it on my iPhone XS, because most of the developers aren’t aware of the safe area :wink: If you do it right and later update to cocos 3.18, it should be also fine on Android 9 (I hope).


Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.
Android 7.0