[Game] Mazes and Mages 2

[Game] Mazes and Mages 2

Hi, I just released Mazes and Mages 2 on Steam, using cocos2d-x.

Thanks a lot for this great engine =)

Now it is also out on android and ios.
I tried to send some codes to @slackmoehrle in case any cocos2d-x developer wants to try it, but it didn’t allow me to send the message.
Is there any way that I can send them? If you are not interested in receiving them that is ok =)

You want to post steam codes? I don’t follow.

I wanted to send you some steam, ios, android codes, to distribute them to anyone in cocos2d-x team that wants to try the game. As a token of appreciation for making the engine that I used for the game.
Maybe it was a silly idea, or maybe you are not the person I should have asked about this. Sorry if that is the case.

Did you email me? I’m looking for a conversation but I don’t see one. I apologize.

But sure you can send steam codes and I’ll lass them along to our company to try your game. :-). Thank you. I hope you enjoyed using our engine.

I tried to send them with a message from this page, but it says i cannot send you a direct message. I guess there is some spam protection preventing it.
Where can i send it? Any email or something?

I enjoyed using your engine a lot thanks!

Slackmoehrle@cocos2d-x.org is ok.

Also your account permissions were weird so I reset them and maybe now you can message via PM but email for this task is better.