[GAME] Looncan Gems 2

[GAME] Looncan Gems 2

Hi all!

My dream came true, I released my first game! It was a wonderful 3 months of creative development and now I want to share it with community.

I wanted to create something simple like match-3 game, but not a match-3 game. I found some very simple gameplay logic and wrapped it with pretty graphics (thanks graphical designer and lightning shaders) and fun diversity of levels, bonuses and item collecting. It was a first time of my game design practice.

1st month I created the first prototype. Very simple, without graphics (but with some simple animations), sounds and so on. Pure gameplay with 3 bonuses and 10 levels. After many hours of playing the game (thanks my freinds) I found that the first version of bonuses are not balanced.

2nd month I added all design elements, animations, sfxs (crystal blinks with dynamic light and other) and created second prototype. I learned OpenGL shader system! Second prototype play tests shows that it would be very nice to add some extra bonuses.

3rd month - few RCs with sonds (thanks sound designer) and all platform dependent features - analytic tools integration, game services, in-app purchases and so on. As a result I released on 2 android platoforms: Google Play and Amazon Underground.

Now you can try it out! Thanks to all cocos2d-x community!

Google Play

Amazon Underground

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Congrats, will there be an iOS release?

Actually, no. But maybe in some future :slight_smile: