[GAME][iOS] Onto Next Ring

[GAME][iOS] Onto Next Ring


Hi everyone,

I just released an iOS game and would really appreciate your feedback. You can find it here:

I have a feeling some people may not pick up the gameplay, let me know if you find it confusing. Also, please let me know what device you’re running it on.



I like the art, but yeah the game play seems like it might be confusing. What is the tech stack?


Cocos2dx 3.17 c++ with some sdkbox plugins (mainly Facebook for analytics).


Awesome. Congrats on releasing and thank you for using our engine!!


I don’t understand the objetive and how to play.
And when I lost.


@tranthor Did you play the game? The game has a little tutorial when you launch it and it should guide you how to play. Do you think I should make it more clear and improve the tutorial? Thanks!


Where is the tutorial? I didn’t find it.
I understand that i should run in all circles, but when i lost?


The tutoral is in the beginning, it just shows you how to move the circle. You die by hitting a spike that’s rotating (or other obstacles in further levels).

There is a little message when the spikes are introduced:

And when you die, it shows how you died (by touching the spike) and there is a message near the bottom:


Advice: Add a button for the tutorial. I would like to see it whenever i want. In my case, i didn’t understand it at the begenning, so i would like to see it again.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll go ahead and make a change. I’ll add a pulsating help button on the game over screen :slight_smile:


@tranthor In case you’re interested to try things out, the update has been approved by Apple and is ready. I also added some more help during a tutorial. :wink:


Great! Good job.


Looks like most people prefer cocos2dx vs cocos creator for mobile native games :confused:


It depends upon language I guess.


there is no difference on performance difference between cocos creator and cocos2sx?


Well I’d say JavaScript and c++ have different performance.


Personally, I use c++ because I’ve used cocos since version 1.x and over the years, I’ve written a lot of useful utilities which make it super easy to code. That’s the reason I haven’t switched to cocos JS or other engines like unity.