[Game][iOS/Android] Tents and Trees Puzzles

[Game][iOS/Android] Tents and Trees Puzzles

Hello !
My game has been released more than a year ago but I realized that I never posted here. It reached more than 800,000 downloads and is working pretty well. I could even make Frozax Games an official company thanks to this game. Feel free to try it! (iTunes - Google Play - Amazon AppStore)



Congrats! It looks really nice. Numbers look impressive. Could you share how did you promote the game? Or maybe all downloads are just organic?

Wow, this looks really good. I am going to download it.

Did you use TMX?

Can we do a video interview with you ASAP? slackmoehrle@cocos2d-x.org

Kds: downloads are mostly organics. And it’s 700k on Google play and 100k on iOS. I’ve been featured on iOS at launch (without asking). I’m trying to work on user acquisition but it’s really a difficult and expensive topic.
Slack: I’m not using TMX. I’m sending you an email with my availabilities for a potential interview.

@frozax, congratulation, Nice game :slight_smile:

@frozax, congrats your game is looking great, looked at your game stats 700k+ downloads with 33.3k ratings. It looks you must have done advertising/promotion as I have app with 3M+ downloads but with only 25k reviews on Google play. It’s really hard to get app rating from users.

I didn’t advertise yet but I’m starting to. If you have any tips for that, I’m interested by the way :slight_smile:
I have more review/download on Android compared to iOS. I only have a classic “please rate me” popup, nothing more.