[Game][iOS, Android] Point-&-Click Adventure game in Cocos2d-x

[Game][iOS, Android] Point-&-Click Adventure game in Cocos2d-x

Hello people!
Our small team of indie developers has just released this fun point-&-click game on Android and iOS and we wanted to share it with you and see what you think.
It was our first big project as a team and we’re extremely proud of it. We are aware we might not be the most experienced developers, but we are ready to improve, so if anybody has some feedback, we’d be glad to hear it!

The game was developed in Cocos2d-x, animated in Spine and the graphics were created with photoshop by our artists. The music and sound design are also original!
It will be available for PC, Xbox and Mac very soon as well!

Here’s the links to the stores:
App Store
Google Play
Edit: Mac App Store

And some screenshots :smiley:


Update: we are out on Mac and tvOS now too!

That was quick :smiley:


Im always interested in new adventure games!

I dont think calling your point-and-click adventure game “Monkey Pit Island” is very smart. Way too close to the Ron Gilbert/Tim Shafer classics.

It looks to me that your “App Store” link and “Edit: Mac App Store” both go to the Mac App Store

I wish games like this were free for the first “chapter” with in-app purchases to unlock the full game. So you could first get a feel for how good/bad the game is before dropping $5. I think (although I hope Im wrong) it will be hard to get traction with an entirely paid upfront game like this.

The screenshots looks good and I wish you luck in the stores!

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Hello! First off, thank you so much for your feedback.
Also we are currently working on a version that is exactly like you described. The first chapter will be free to play and the rest of the story will be accessible through in-app purchase because we are aware that not many are willing to spend blindly on a game.

It will be out very soon and we will keep this thread updated on that regard.

Thank you for your comment! I will let the rest of the team know what you said about the title. The point was to quote a game that we are very big fans of and which inspired us to pursue game design, but I agree that we may have gone overboard with that :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably that was the point.


sure - its just there is a difference between sly cultural reference/shout-out vs infringing. It would be easy to imagine a customer being fooled from the title that this was part of the MI series. To me this crosses over from playful homage to cease-and-desist territory, but YMMV and IANAL.

best, Codemattic