[Game][iOS][Android] Bear Planet

[Game][iOS][Android] Bear Planet

Hello everyone.
Here’s my new game “Bear Planet”.

About the game

It is a fast-paced, obstacle course action game where you play as the main character, Bob. Bob, a bear, is on an important mission to travel through space, searching for a new energy source to save his dying planet.


I made this game with two friends in our free time. We spent an year to build this game. Bear Planet is our first game and also my first time of developing a game with Cocos2dx. It is a great game engine that I, as an iOS developer, can easily pick up and don't need to deal with the cross-platform issues. In other words, I can focus on the game development, not low-level infrastructures.

Hope all of you will have fun with “Bear Planet”.
Feel free to tell me your feedbacks in the comment.
Thanks ~


Name: Bear Planet
Price: Free (with removable ads)
Languages: English, Chinese (traditional / simplified), Japanese
Contact us: bjxxgame@gmail.com

Bear Planet for iOS
Bear Planet for Android
Official Website


Congrats on the release. I like the art and music.

Looks nice, but I don’t think this will give you much revenue in iOS and Android, may be you should try put it on Facebook Instant Games and WeChat Mini Games, which the graphics seems suit more there…

Congratulations on the game. It looks like a lot of time was invested into it due to graphics, storyline and other details. Looks interesting and nice.