Game flicker/freeze/jump every 4~5 seconds

Game flicker/freeze/jump every 4~5 seconds
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Hi Devs,

I’ve recently released a game on Play Store and users reported weird bug which I cannot figure out.
It only happen on Android device in Release mode. (totally fine on iOS)

What is happening is, every about 4 seconds, the game freeze for very short time so it feels like everything is jump toward forward.
I debugged and when it happens, the delta value in update function is set to 0.

Cannot figure out after searching this forum. Anybody experienced similar bug?
Here’s a link for the game if you are willing to help

version I’m using is cocos2d-x 3.15, and also using some of sdkbox addons

Thank you


What I’ve tried is

  1. Disabling simple audio engine.
  2. Director::getInstance()->setDepthTest(false);
  3. Director::getInstance()->setProjection(Director::Projection::_2D);

Didn’t fix the bug.


Strange. There may be a method find the source of such problem:

  • create a new project
  • copy components and all other stuff one by one and see when the problem will start happening


Ok I’ve fixed this bug. The problem happens when
APP_STL is set to c++_static in file. It should be gnustl_static as cocos template creates. Remember, do not mess with APP_STL.

I’m just leaving this comment hoping it helps somebody in the future. It took me some days to fix it.