[Game] FINDER'S SWEEPERS - A Reverse Minesweeper Treasure Hunt

What would it be like if you were supposed to find the mines?


Gameplay Video

That’s what Finder’s Sweepers takes about classic Minesweeper and turns it on its head. Become a treasure hunter and search the world for ancient artifacts in this inventive “Reverse Minesweeper” game for all ages! Follow the clues to dig up treasure. The numbers tell you how many treasures are nearby in a square. The colors tell you what kind.

Cocos2d-x continues to be our choice of game engine, and Finder’s Sweepers is just the latest in a long line of projects benefitting from it. This game was a fun puzzle in itself to develop, and the high performance of Cocos allowed us to handle multiple layers of tiling and animation systems to support this game’s unique gameplay and UI requirements. From the art side of things myself, I’m amazed at the total impunity this engine affords me to load the game with full-screen animations and particle effects that still look good and run well on phones as far back as 6 or 7 generations ago.

Give the game a try today!
Apple App Store
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For players outside of our initial Canadian launch, feel free to join the beta and let us know how we’re doing!
iOS TestFlight
Google Play Beta

Thank you, and happy hunting!

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I have found a bug:
Touch seems to be disabled:


Haha awesome! Thank you. That’s fixed now and will go into the next release.

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Nice looking game, the screenshots and art are top notch buddy.