[Game] Fight Club - Published

My latest game Fight-Club is now available in Android play Store.
Please download folks, and let me know your feedback.

Youtube demo: Youtube Demo link

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It looks interesting. Can I ask why the fighters are so close together?

What cocos2d-x version?

How do you control the fighters and particular moves?

I assume one fighter is automated. Did you use some form of AI or other decision making logic?

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Thanks @slackmoehrle :slight_smile:
The fighters can be moved apart as well using the buttons provided below, (moved closer or moved further).

It simply uses the cocos2dx built-in Physics engine, no AIs used, but i use some logic in code to determine based on the number of hits (kicks/punches) and the time elapsed to determine the winner. Correct, the fighter to the right is automated, and the one to the left is our hero (which user needs to control.).

The version used is: 3.17.2

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Wow interesting. Will it ever come to ios?

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Haven’t created anything on ios yet, so possibly in the near future.